S.O.G. Crew Established 1998

The S.O.G. Crew Established 1998 collection is a reminder of their simple beginnings of rocking microphones for the King of kings throughout California.

"I grew up around music my entire life. 1998 was the year we dedicated our Hip Hop gift to the MOST HIGH. That was the year that God gave us the name Sons of God. We immediately became an urban youth movement that made quality music for all our family, partners and fans around the world thanks to the grace of God,"stated Dr. Robert 'Battle Ax' Ornelas 

They later became a National Hip Hop Crew in 2007 signing with 4th Man Music founder Jason FrosT Neville. FrosT released their "Up That Game" album through Nashville's Infinity Distribution that year and the rest is history. The S.O.G. Crew is currently signed to Thump Records/ Universal Music Group